Home Audio Production & Audio Editing: Podcasts & Audio Books

Home audio editing and production, produce good clean audio at home.

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5.0 Star reviews


Siddharth Sharma


“Due to the pandemic me and my team were not able to meet and work. So, I decided to take a course to learn this skill and try to be a one man army. This course taught me everything in useful detail. The audio recorded was noise free and crisp like the one recorded in the actual studio. I would surely recommend this course for all the singers and especially beginners.”

Coley Hodges


“I was blown away by this course! Each section is broken down so simply I was able to follow along, the lectures are concise and to the point easy. What I absolutely love is the PDF gear recommendations, it narrows down my equipment choice. I cannot wait to see more courses from Pong in the future!”



“Amazing course! I was wondering how to improve my audio at home. It’s nothing fancy but this course just helped me to create good clean audio at home. I highly recommend it to those who are recording audiobooks or to anyone who needs good audio quality.”

Sadman Naveed


“Pong is very engaging, his lessons are short, spot-on, easy to follow, and very helpful! The course is well produced and it’s using the same techniques demonstrated in the video lectures!”

Course description.

Amazing audio at home

Create amazing audio in the comfort of your own home. Turn your bedroom or any room for that matter into a recording studio.

If you want to produce amazing sound but don’t have access to a professional sound studio then this course is for you! This course is all you need to get started whether you’re creating a podcast or doing an audiobook narration. In fact this course will help you produce good clean audio for any project which requires sound.

What you'll learn.

Get great audio quality!

Turn any room into a recording studio.

Choose the best audio equipment.

Eliminate or reduce reverb.

Eliminate or reduce noise and reverb.

Setup your recording gear.

Edit audio.

Money back guarantee.

Backed by Udemy’s 30-day money back guarantee or enroll for free in SkillShare.

$49.99 at Udemy or free 1st 2mos. at SkillShare

Small requirements

Students must have a space to record in.

Student must have access to audio gear or be willing to buy their gear.

Who is this course for?

Beginner podcasters and narrators.

Generally, beginners who need to improve their audio quality.