Point-And-Shoot Photography: Amazing Photos Even on Auto

Beginner’s Secret Point-and-Shoot Photography Course. Take Amazing Photos With Your Camera Even On Auto.

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5.0 Star reviews


“I really enjoyed the class and the explanations are easily understandable. I learned a hell of a lot! The instructor was easy to follow and very knowledgeable. I was happy that he didn’t go into a technical jargon trance and went straight to the point explaining the operation of camera modes and their limitations. He was an excellent instructor.”


“I loved this course! The instructor had really nice production quality. The activities and visual guides were super helpful! It was nice that the course was not too long. I was able to go through the course in one sitting and learned a lot.”


“Really enjoyed this course. So many are geared toward DSLR cameras, which I don’t have and cannot afford. The information in this course will help me tremendously with my Fuji point-and-shoot camera!
Thanks again.”


“What a great course! Easy to follow and understand. Pong does a great job making photography look so simple. This is such an easy to follow course!”

Course description.

Just point and shoot.

Impress your family and friends with amazing photos! They’ll be so impressed they’ll think you used a big sophisticated DSLR instead of a little point-and-shoot camera. 1000+ students enrolled and gave an overwhelmingly positive review of the previous version of this course. This new version is even better! It’s not only improved, I incorporated my Basic Photo Composition Course in this course! It’s like getting two courses for the price of one!

What you'll learn.

Amazing photos even on auto.

Know which camera setting to use in any situation.

Make your little point-and-shoot camera shoot like a big DSLR.

Impress family and friends with your amazing photos using your point-and-shoot camera or mirrorless camera.

Compose amazing photos with effective composition techniques.

Make amazing photos even on auto mode.

Feel confident using your point-and-shoot, mirrorless, or camera for that matter!

Why this course?

Photography made simple.

Unlike YouTube where you could scroll through how-to videos forever or other online courses which drown you with information, this photography course shows you what you need to know in bite-size chunks. No fluff. No overly technical details which confuses more than it helps. I removed all the technical details which don’t really make a difference so we could focus on what really matters: making amazing photos!

With simple quick video lectures (about 1-3 mins each) you’ll get easy to digest chunks of information you could apply right away.

This point-and-shoot photography course is the simplest photography course you’ll ever take.

Money back guarantee.

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$49.99 at Udemy or free 1st 2mos. at SkillShare

Small requirements

You must have a camera. A point-and-shoot camera with mode dial is highly recommended.

Excitement and enthusiasm to learn.

Willing to practice and experiment on your own.

Who is this course for?

Beginners with a point-and-shoot or mirrorless camera.

Those who want to make amazing photos.