Basic Photo Composition: A Simple Guide To Beautiful Photos

Compose beautiful photos with confidence and ease using simple yet effective composition techniques.

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“The lessons are gold mines! Simple explanations for newbies to follow, learn composition techniques by deconstructing photos. The sample images used are stunning! Quite possibly, the best course on composition that I have ever come across so far.”

Olayiwola Toyib

Course description.

Photo Composition. Easy.

Knowing photo composition techniques is the difference between beautiful and ugly photos. Just knowing how to operate your camera is not enough, you need to learn composition techniques.

If you know how to operate your camera and know some photography basics, then you’re half way there. But who wants to be just half as good? So, it’s time we complete your photography skill set.

What you'll learn.

Compose beautiful photos.

Pong Lizardo - Basic Photography Course Pong Lizardo - Basic Photography Course

The Rule of Thirds was used with other composition techniques. 1-5: five subjects follow The Rule of Odds. Birds facing where there’s more space follows The Rule of Space. a: golden triangle was used to arrange the flamingoes. b,c,d: three points of the rule of thirds are on the subject. e: the edge of the lake forms another triangle.

Learn composition techniques for any cameras, including the one on your phone!

Apply effective and easy to use composition techniques when taking photos.

Have a solid knowledge of the foundations of well-composed photos.

Compose beautiful photos with confidence and ease.

Why this course?

Photo composition in one course.

While you can take other courses online and Google the composition techniques discussed in this course, you won’t find another course that puts together these composition techniques in an integrated photo composition system like we do in this course. A lot of what you can find online also doesn’t explain composition techniques as simple as we do in this course.

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$49.99 at Udemy or free 1st 2mos. at SkillShare

Small requirements

You must have a camera. Any camera will do.

Excitement and enthusiasm to learn.

Willing to practice and experiment on your own.

Who is this course for?

Beginners who want to learn how to compose beautiful photos.

Those who want to improve their photography skills.

Those who want to capture beautiful photos.