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Pong Lizardo

Pong Lizardo is a creative professional and a self-published author. He was a freelance product photographer and a former senior graphic designer at a leading advertising firm in the Caribbean. He co-established a social media department and recreated brands, including the brand of the firm he worked in.

Pong teaches highly rated online courses with 1,000+ students in 86 different countries to date.

His book One Meal a Day: More Time, More Money With One Meal a Day is positively reviewed on Amazon. He also self-published a well-received comic book, Life of a Blan in Haiti–a satirical comic book which pokes fun at the general hazards of life in Haiti.

Pong Lizardo hosted and produced a podcast, The Rational Ape which made it to Top 3 of iTune’s philosophy category in 2018.

In 2019, Pong went into semi-retirement to focus on art creation. He still continues to teach online courses and create designs on his online shops.

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“Pong is a creative ball of energy! He has a limitless imagination and a real eye for design and art. He fully understands design while integrating the intricacies of marketing. He is a good partner to work with.”

Veronique Craan

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