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This is the companion for the audiobook version of One Meal a Day: Improved Health, More Time, More Money With One Meal a Day. The images and tables on this website is presented in the order it was mentioned in the audiobook.

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OMAD companion images.

Below are the images and tables mentioned in One Meal A Day: Improved Health, More Time, More Money With One Meal A Day audiobook. Tables and images are preceded by the chapter title and an excerpt from the chapter the it’s found in.

Keep 'Em Fat!

Excerpt: Social justice warriors rush to defend fat and obese women posing in magazine covers from nasty people calling them fanes and porkers while pointing out rolls of fats no clothes could hide. It’s like a joke on who’s sane and who’s not. It reminds me of the emperor’s new clothes or maybe I’m just a reality junkie…

OMAD audiobook companion - Magazin Covers


Excerpt: Be warned, people on OMAD may have some “abnormalities” in their blood work, especially when the checkup is done in the morning. My most recent test results are as follows:

OMAD audiobook companion - Blood Test Table

Your High Cholesterol

Excerpt: Since when do you call data which doesn’t fit your conclusion a paradox? If the data doesn’t match your conclusion then there’s something wrong with your conclusion. Clearly there’s something wrong with Keys’ theory.

OMAD audiobook companion - Ancel Keys
Ancel Keys the man who got the world scared of cholesterol. (photo:

The Sugar Trap

Excerpt: Every time you’re hungry you have a choice to eat or not to eat. Every time you eat you release insulin and use glucose for energy. Every time you don’t eat you go through your glycogen stores then breakdown fat stores. Technically, you can continue denying hunger… until, of course, you run out of energy and die of starvation. But we won’t do it. We’re in OMAD not a hunger strike. Just be mindful of the sugar trap.

OMAD audiobook companion - The Vicious Cycle

Diseases of Plenty

Excerpt: The peach we buy in the market is 4x the size of a wild peach, sweeter, and has more calories. A peach in the wild is 25mm in circumference and has 64% edible flesh. A domesticated peach is 100mm in circumference and has 90% edible flesh…

OMAD audiobook companion - Domesticated vs Wild Peach

What To Eat?

Excerpt: If you’re gaining weight maybe lay off the sweets and reduce calories. Strictly eat one meal a day and fast for a few days every quarter. Maybe even drop all your carbs entirely! It all depends on what you want to achieve…

List of Food Items I normally buy.

OMAD audiobook companion - Food Table - Proteins and Fats
OMAD audiobook companion
OMAD audiobook companion - Food Table - Starches
OMAD audiobook companion - Food Table - Fruits & Sweets

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